8 Beautiful New Fantasy Series in March on Netflix, Prime & Hulu

Watch: All-new Shadow and Bone, Invisible City, Riverdale and The Power, plus 4 more upcoming new fantasy series in March 2023

Impossible creatures, sun-summoners and all-girl electrokinesis. Plus 5 more new fantasy series in March 2023 – streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, the CW, Paramount+ and Hulu.

New Seasons & TV Shows: Fantasy Series in March

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5

2 March 2023

We’re back to the magic of How to Train Your Dragon in the modern day. A thousand-and-then-some years after the Viking era, a fissure caused by a comet reveals the dragons are still here with us. Follow Tom, Jun, Eugene and the gang on more awesome adventures from here to the Hidden world in Hulu’s Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5.

Watch the Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 5 trailer

Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Family
Streaming Hulu | Watch it

School Spirits

9 March 2023

When a teen dies and gets stuck in the afterlife at her school – of all places – she struggles to get to grips with being able to see the living kids’ lives play out, without being able to interact. Thing is, she’s not alone, there are others who suffer the same fate in Paramount+’s new show School Spirits.

Watch the School Spirits trailer

Genres Young Adult, Drama, Paranormal
Paramount+ | Watch it

Shadow and Bone Season 2

16 March 2023

Return to the Grishaverse! Sun summoner Alina must battle the Darkling shadow summoner Kirigan – now more powerful than ever. And the race is on to find the next amplifiers before the darkness consumes all in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone Season 2.

Watch the Shadow and Bone Season 2 trailer

Genres Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Class Of ‘07

17 March 2023

No high school reunion can suck more than the 10-year Class of ‘07, which happens just as an apocalyptic tidal wave hits. Now the former classmates and teachers are all stuck on school premises – a newly formed island surrounded by ocean. And they have to survive, both in the literal sense and, you know, each other in Amazon Prime’s new Class of ‘07.

Watch the Class of ‘07 Trailer

Genres Comedy, Drama
Streaming Amazon Prime | Watch it

Invisible City Season 2

22 March 2023

The X-Files meets fantasy in Brazil. Invisible City was a runaway success, after hitting No 1 on Netflix Brazil, this expert blending of Latin folklore and investigation drama is a fantasy feast that managed to get top spots worldwide. So we’re excited for season 2. When an environmental officer starts discovering that creatures from lore seem to be real, it leads him on a Mulder-and-Scully-style quest to uncover them. At the end of Season 1, Eric found a way into another realm – and in Season 2 we definitely want to know: is Eric still alive, can he ever come back? All in Netflix’s Invisible City Season 2.

Watch the Invisible City Season 2 trailer

Genres Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Great Expectations

26 March 2023

Charles Dickens fans rejoice! Great Expectations is based on the famous book, with a few twists. Set in 19th-century Kent and London in the UK, this period piece seems to focus more on Miss Havisham as Pip’s benefactor, so we’re not too sure if it will include the real behind-the-scenes benefactor Mr Campbell, aka convict Abel Magwitch. But you don’t have to read the book to fully enjoy the 6-episode limited series, Great Expectations.

Watch the Great Expectations trailer

Genres Period, Drama, Charles Dickens, Historical
Streaming Hulu | Watch it | BBC iPlayer | Watch it 

Riverdale Season 7

29 March 2023

The final season in the modern-day, horror-mystery rendition of the Archie universe lands on 29 March 2023. And, as the end of Season 6 made clear, a spell has taken the entire town and all its residents back to the 1950s. Which is kinda more like the Archie comics we know and love. And everyone seems to have forgotten and is happily living out their 1950s lifestyle. Except for Jughead, who seems to be the only one who remembers that they don’t really belong here. In Riverdale Season 7.

Watch the Riverdale Season 7 trailer

Genres Drama, Mystery, Comics, Time Travel
Streaming The CW | Watch it

The Power 

31 March 2023

When suddenly every teenage girl in the world develops electrokinesis (aka the power to control electricity and electrocute stuff at will), it sends shockwaves through the populace. Some want to control them, and some want to steal their power – but no one knows why or can take it away. Most girls use it for good. But, as always, there are those who would abuse such a power. And what if these girls have the ability to transfer that power to others? Check out Amazon Prime’s The Power.

Watch The Power trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Drama, Dystopian, Contemporary, Thriller
Streaming Amazon Prime | Watch it

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