7 of The Best New Sci-Fi Series in May

Watch: All-new Ultraman, Silo, Star Wars: and Black Knight – these are the most anticipated new sci-fi series in May 2023

Aliens, mechs, survivors and heroes. These are the 7 most exciting new Sci-Fi series in May 2023. Plus: Arnie’s first series ever and Sir David Attenborough’s dinosaurs are back for Season 2!

Complete with titles, release dates, genres, info and links to watch your favourite science fiction TV series right now.

Exciting New Sci-Fi Series in May 2023

Star Wars: Visions Season 2

Disney Plus, 3 May 2023

The super-unique project that invites international animation studios to redo Star Wars in their style as shorts is back. And this time it’s way more international. Season 1 featured mainly Japanese anime studios, but Star Wars: Visions Season 2 features the likes of British studio Aardman (Wallace and Gromit), Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon, Korean Studio Mir and South Africa’s Triggerfish. That means there’s a collection of 9 all-new short films in unique new styles in Disney Plus’ Star Wars: Visions Season 2.

Watch: The Star Wars: Visions Season 2 Trailer

Genres Star Wars, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Anthology,
Streaming Disney Plus | Watch it


Apple TV, 5 May 2023

One of the few filmed sci-fi series in May, Silo sees a future community of people living hundreds of meters underground in a silo structure, because the surface world is unsafe. We don’t know why, and neither do they – so much time has passed, and no one remembers why they live down there. But when a new threat appears, and they’re forced to start questioning, an engineer starts discovering disturbing secrets, urging her to push on and discover the truth in Apple TV’s Silo.

Watch: The Silo Trailer

Genres Science fiction, Dystopian, Drama, Thriller
Streaming Apple TV | Watch it 

Ultraman Season 3

Netflix, 11 May 2023

The final season of Netflix’s Ultraman will continue the story after Rena and Shinjirou (Ultraman) woke up on the Dark Star organization alien ship demanding humans give up half the Earth or die, until the six heroes, Ultraman, Seven, Taro, Zoffy, Jack, and Ace banded together to confront the Golden Fortress. But now, it’s teased that Ultraman somehow disgraces himself and loses everything, which is exactly what Dark Star wanted – Earth’s six heroes broken up so it can unleash a devastating new weapon in Ultraman Season 3.

Watch: The Ultraman Season 3 Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Superhero, Japanese, Tokusatsu, Animation, Anime
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Black Knight

Netflix, 12 May 2023

Based on the Delivery Knights webtoon by Korean artist Lee Yoon-Kyun, Netflix’s rendition of  Black Knight takes us to a dystopian future-Korea where the Earth has no more oxygen. Only 1% of the population survives, and they depend heavily on an exploitative system and oxygen supplied by elite deliverymen. Until one of these decides it’s time to challenge the status quo and fight back in Black Knight.

Watch: The Black Knight Trailer

Genres Science fiction, Dystopian, Action, Korean
Netflix | Watch it


Netflix, 12 May 2023

Mulligan, the accidental hero who bumbled into saving Earth from an alien invasion gets crowned president of the now-ruined world and tasked to rebuild it. With just a few thousand survivors left, can Mulligan (golf term for giving a guy another chance – get it?) make a new, better world, or will it just be more of the same? We find out in Netflix’s new animated comedy Mulligan.

Watch: The Mulligan Trailer

Genres Comedy, Adult, Animation, Post-Apocalyptic, Political, Sitcom, Irreverent
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Clone High

HBO Max, 18 May 2023

Another sci-fi-inspired irreverent adult animation, Clone High, is a refresh of the 2002/2003 MTV show and features a high school for the teenage clones of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Cleopatra, and JFK, Except with the over-the-top, hormone-fueled craziness needed to parody 90s teen dramas. All in HBO Max’s Clone High

Watch: The Clone High Trailer

Genres Adult, Animation, Goofy, Science Fiction, Sitcom, Irreverent
Streaming HBO Max | Watch it

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune

Netflix, 18 May 2023

Based on the new novels by Carlo Zen, Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune is a surprise military sci-fi web anime series announced just weeks before its Netflix release. A young man searching for a purpose joins an elite planetary orbital infantry force called the “Yakitori”. Fate and destiny go two ways, though – and it could be either one for him and his team in Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune.

Watch: The Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune Opening

Genres Science Fiction, Military, Animation, Anime
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

NOT Sci-Fi, but Worth a Look in May


Netflix, 25 May 2023

Not sci-fi but we thought you’d want to know Arnold Schwarzenegger is starring in his first series ever! When a retired CIA operative is pulled back into one last job and realises the daughter whom he’d been trying to hide his spy work from his whole life is also secretly an operative, they have to team up to save the day in Netflix’s FUBAR.

Watch: The FUBAR Trailer

Genres Spy, Adventure. Comedy, Drama, Arnie
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Prehistoric Planet Season 2

Apple TV, 22 May 2023

Also not sci-fi, but thought you’d want to know Sir David Attenborough’s Prehistoric Planet Season 2 is coming this month. Enjoy!

Watch: The Prehistoric Planet Season 2 Trailer

Genres Dinosaurs, Documentary
Streaming Apple TV | Watch it

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