10 of The Best New Sci-Fi Series in June

Watch: All-new Star Trek, Black Mirror, Secret Invasion and Foundation – these are the most anticipated new sci-fi series in June 2023

Before Kirk and Spock, crumbling empires and 5 new sci-fi nightmares. Oh, and some zombies, too.

It’s the best of science fiction series from Nick Fury in Marvel’s Secret Invasion on Disney+ to the all-new Black Mirror Season 6 on Netflix, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Season 2 on Apple TV+ and a return to form for Trek fans in an all-new season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds at Paramount+ and more – these are some of the most anticipated new sci-fi series in June 2023. 

Upcoming New Sci-Fi Series in June 2023

Manifest Season 4, Part 2

Netflix, 2 June 2023

The final 10 episodes of Manifest drop on 2 June on Netflix. And this time, the 828ers are up against the end of the world. Increases pressure and distrust mount as the survivors see the big, final “Calling” of biblical scale. But when Cal’s scar is reactivated, there’s hope the 828ers (and maybe the world) might survive it yet. If they can stand against Angelina’s devastating powers in Manifest Season 4, Part 2.

Watch: The Manifest Season 4 Trailer

Genres Supernatural, Science Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Drama
Streaming Netflix | Watch it


Netflix, 2 June 2023

New English-subtitled French sci-fi mini-series Vortex tells the story of a police officer who somehow manages to reconnect with his long-dead wife through a VR glitch. Receiving new information sets him on a path to not only try and solve her death but perhaps even save her from it somehow. That is if you can actually change the past in Vortex.

Watch: The Vortex Trailer

Genres Mystery, Science Fiction, Crime, Thriller, French, Drama
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Foundation Season 2

Apple TV+, 14 June 2023

A dose of classic sci-fi while we wait for Dune; Foundation is a new series based loosely on Isaac Asimov’s inimitable Foundation book series. And Season 2 drops this month with a promise: Empire is crumbling. The Cleons are coming apart as a new queen threatens to destroy Empire from within. And events in the outer reaches are pitching Foundation against it. Can civilisation survive the Second Crisis? We find out in Foundation Season 2.

Watch: The Foundation Season 2 Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Ensemble, Asimov, Adaptation
Streaming Apple TV+ | Watch it

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2

Paramount+, 15 June 2023

Lauded as the return to the ‘60 art style and episodic format that made all the original series great, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds return for Season 2. Set a decade or so before the original Kirk-and-Spock Star Trek, Strange New Worlds is the story of Captain Christopher Pike and his crew aboard the USS Enterprise. And, basically, if you’re a fan of the classic episodic Star Trek series, you’ll love Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2.

Watch: The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Adventure, Drama, Space, Star Trek
Streaming Paramount+ | Watch it

Black Mirror Season 6

Netflix, 15 June 2023

Yes, it’s back! We get 5 all-new episodes of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror this month. That’s 5 new lives, 5 new realities and 5 new nightmares. Look out for Selma Hayek in this season, an all-new episode actually set in space (but not as cringy as the one from Season 4) and a play on both its own and Netflix’s brand with an episode featuring “Red Mirror” in Black Mirror Season 6.

Watch: The Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Anthology, Dystopian, Mind-Bending
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

The Walking Dead: Dead City

AMC & AMC+, 18 June 2023

The fourth spin-off of The Walking Dead franchise features Maggie teaming up with previous big-bad Negan as they head to New York to find Maggie’s kidnapped son. Of course, the city is overrun. And of course, there are so many layers to the journey it’s mind-bending. And soon it’s not a question of success or failure but whether they can actually survive The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Watch: The Walking Dead: Dead City Trailer


Genres Apocalypse, Zombies, Horror
Streaming AMC+ | Watch it

Secret Invasion

Disney+, 21 June 2023

It’s here! Marvel’s Secret Invasion is the story of disgraced former SHIELD (from the Avengers) director Nick Fury who discovers a secret conspiracy of super aliens (Skrulls) that have infiltrated Earth and taken up various positions of power in an attempt to invade and conquer. Problem is the Skrulls have data on all the former Avengers, and it’s impossible to tell if any new heroes are actually from Earth or Skrull replicas in Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

Watch: The Secret Invasion Trailer

Genres Action, Superhero, Adventure, Thriller
Streaming Disney+ | Watch it

Skull Island

Netflix, 22 June 2023

Return to the home of King Kong. All-new anime Skull Island follows a new group of adventurers who become shipwrecked while searching for a missing girl. Problem is they end up on Skull Island. And madness ensues – they have to survive all kinds of prehistoric creatures, including you know who on Skull Island.

Watch: The Skull Island Trailer

Genres Adult Animation, Japanese, Fantasy, Adventure
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

The Witcher Season 3

Netflix, 29 June 2023

Not sci-fi, but we have a feeling you’d wanna know: The Witcher Season 3 is coming on 29 June 2023, with Part 2 on 27 July. And, yes, it’s still Henry Cavill as Geralt for this one last time. But not even the politics behind the scenes can dampen our excitement. Season 3 is said to focus more on Geralt and Ciri, as he tries to keep her safe. But don’t think we missed the horsemen in the trailer… is that the Wild Hunt? Yes, only in The Witcher Season 3.

Watch: The Witcher Season 3 Trailer

Genres Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Action, Drama
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Sci-Fi Series You Might Have Missed

Titans Season 4

Coming to Netflix, 25 June 2023

In case you missed it on HBO Max earlier this year, Season 4 of the gritty Teen Titans reboot Titans is coming to Netflix this month.

Watch: The Titans Season 4 Trailer

Genres Superhero, Drama, Action, Fantasy
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

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