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About ScifiXfantasy: The latest in new sci-fi and fantasy movies, books, stories, blogs, news. PLUS: Who we are, what and why we do it.

Discover Your Next Big Adventure: All About this ScifiXfantasy Blog

“Discover your next big adventure”. That’s kinda our slogan thingy because it’s our motto. See, at ScifiXfantasy.com, we exist just to help you find your next big inspiration.

The next new book, story, game, movie, series, community, event, or cosplay occasion.

We don’t really do reviews and stuff. Because: Who cares about anyone’s opinion? There’s wonder and glory to be found in anything that unlocks wonder and inspires you.

Because that’s what it’s all about – YOU.

You discovering something new and exciting.

That’s why we only share info about new & upcoming sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Or, open the door to RE-discover a classic you’ve maybe overlooked for years.

Whatever leads to your next most inspiring adventure.

Explore New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Worlds

At the moment, we focus on sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, series, experiences, and events, but that’s only because we’re new and growing.

You can bet that as soon as we’re able, we’ll be adding loads more sci-fi and fantasy content. Look forward to features on News, Games, Communities/Groups, Board Games, Art, and a whole bunch more planned.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why sci-fi AND fantasy are in one place, why not two separate sites? Well, it’s a cost and time thing. See, this is a passion project – like so much in our genre. And you can bet we’ll be expanding this site and others as soon as it becomes commercially viable.

And you can help make that happen, simply by signing up for our sci-fi and fantasy newsletter (it’s free and you can unsubscribe any time) and sharing this site and the stories you like with your friends & family on social media.

PLUS: If you like (or don’t like) what we’re doing, let us know here.

Meet the Creator of ScifiXfantasy

Hi, my name is Elvorne Palmer. And I’m feeling kinda stupid for speaking in the plural in the above paragraphs. Because the truth is there is no “we” yet.

At the moment, ScifiXfantasy is just “me”. Me. An aspiring sci-fi author (remind me to show you my impressive collection of rejection letters from publishers and agents!) and absolute geek with a ridiculous knack for content & marketing (day job vibes, eh).

And this blog is my contribution to the genres that I love and the people I don’t know yet who share that love.

This is all about discovering crazy new things together.

And maybe making some friends along the way.

Who knows…

You game?