6 of the Best New Fantasy Movies in September

Watch: All-new Dracula, ghosts & fairy tale mash-ups – these are the most anticipated new fantasy movies in September 2023 on Netflix and cinema

Something Frankenstein-y, Asian riding hoods and satirical vampires. From magical encounters to dark fantasy stories and also a bit of sci-fi fantasy – in cinema and streaming on Netflix –  these are some of the most anticipated new fantasy movies in September 2023. 

Complete with titles, dates, trailers, where it releases and links to watch your fave streaming fantasy movies right now…

Awesome New Fantasy Movies in September 2023

Poor Things

Cinema, 8 September 2023

Something Frankenstein-y? Revived through unconventional science, Bella (Emma Stone), a young woman, embarks on an extraordinary journey alongside a lawyer, Duncan (Mark Ruffalo). As they traverse continents, Bella’s innocence matures into an unwavering pursuit of equality and freedom, liberated from societal constraints. Guided by Dr Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), Bella’s guardian, they challenge norms and prejudices, forging a unique bond that defies their era’s limitations in Poor Things.

Watch: The Poor Things Trailer

Genres Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Comedy Drama, Science Fantasy
In Cinema

Once Upon a Crime

Netflix, 14 September 2023

In a twisted fairy tale mash-up Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella find themselves in an unexpected adventure. Transformed by a witch into elegant attire, they journey to a royal ball, only to collide with a mysterious man in a pumpkin carriage. Fearing discovery, they conceal the accident and attend the grand event, where Cinderella falls for the prince. But their enchanting night takes a dark turn when a corpse is discovered. With their secret and the ball at stake, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella must navigate a perilous dance of deception and danger in Once Upon a Crime.

Watch: Once Upon a Crime Trailer

Genres Fantasy, Mystery, Novel, Asia
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

El Conde

Netflix, 15 September 2023

In the daring and darkly humorous El Conde (or the Count)the legend of Augusto Pinochet takes an eerie twist. Portrayed as a 250-year-old vampire, Pinochet grapples with complex family dynamics and the tarnished legacy of his rule. In this Chilean black comedy horror film, directed by Pablo Larraín and featuring a stellar cast including Jaime Vadell, Gloria Münchmeyer, Alfredo Castro, and Paula Luchsinger, Pinochet’s quest for death becomes a satirical journey in El Conde.

Watch: El Conde Trailer

Genres Dark Comedy, Horror
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

The Inventor

Cinema, 15 September 2023

Step into the imaginative world of the legendary polymath in “The Inventor.” This 2023 stop-motion animated biographical film, crafted by the creative minds of Jim Capobianco and Pierre-Luc Granjon, delves into the life of Leonardo da Vinci. With an exceptional voice cast including Stephen Fry, Marion Cotillard, Daisy Ridley, and Matt Berry. From his groundbreaking flying machines to his exploration of human anatomy, da Vinci’s quest for understanding is beautifully intertwined with his partnership with French princess Marguerite de Navarre in The Inventor.

Watch: The Inventor Trailer

Genres Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family
In Cinema

The Canterville Ghost

Cinema, 22 September 2023

This charming tale follows an American family’s move into the legendary Canterville Chase, a mansion with a 300-year-old resident ghost, Sir Simon De Canterville. With a star-studded cast featuring Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Freddie Highmore, and Emily Carey, the film promises a captivating twist on a classic ghost story. Under the direction of Kim Burdon, be prepared for a delightful mix of comedy and supernatural antics in The Canterville Ghost.

Watch: The Canterville Ghost Trailer

Genres Comedy, Animation
In Cinema

The Creator

Cinema, 29 September 2023

Our Top Pick: Joshua, a former special forces agent who grieves over his wife’s disappearance is enlisted to track down and eliminate the enigmatic Creator. The Creator is a genius behind the advanced AI and its devastating weapon capable of ending both the war and all of humanity. As Joshua and his elite team venture deep into AI-occupied territory, they unravel a shocking truth: the world-ending weapon is embodied by a child-like AI in The Creator.

Watch: The Creator Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, AI
In Cinema

Plus: Sci-Fi Series & Movies

Guardians, kaiju and all them supes. There are some pretty cool sci-fi movies in September to check out, as well as cool new sci-fi series in September.

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And: Stunning New Fantasy Series

Wellsprings, eerie journeys and the vampire hunters you love. Check out these epic new fantasy series in September.

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