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Join the LightSaber Guild at Sy-Con in New York

Plus: Cosplay, game, meet your heroes, bring the whole family for a fun-filled Free sci-fi convention at Sy-Con at Syosset Public Library

Free gaming, cosplay, prizes and awesome lightsaber battles – you can make it a pretty fun-filled family adventure at the Sy-Con sci-fi convention at the Syosset Public Library in New York.


Syosset NY US, 9 September 2023

Anticipate an exciting lineup of guests soon to be announced! Explore a diverse array of franchises as we bring their worlds to the convention. Engage in thrilling cosplay contests, put your knowledge to the test with exciting trivia sessions, dive into immersive gaming experiences, capture memorable photo-ops, and partake in enriching workshops at Sy-Con.

Watch: The Sy-Con Experience

Dates 9 September 2023 Location Syosset Public Library, Long Island, New York, US 
Price Free 

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Meet Cixin Liu, Andy Serkis, Alyssa Milano, Paul Bettany and the iconic Death from Supernatural at these awesome sci-fi conventions in October and then live Terry Pratchett’s Discworld universe in Ireland and all these unmissable fantasy conventions in October.

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