16 of the Best Sci-Fi Conventions in September

Dates, locations, times, tickets, prices, celebrities and who will be where at the top sci-fi conventions in September 2023

Come meet Giancarlo Esposito, Christina Ricci and Naruto. Greet the The Boys. Cosplay till you drop. Game, collect, trade and get the scoop on new and upcoming science fiction – from Long Island to Florida, Arkansas to Grmany, Luxembourg to Canada – at these awesome sci-fi conventions in September 2023.

Awesome Sci-Fi Conventions in September 2023 (Near You)


Bloomington US, 8–10 September 2023

Join us at the upcoming convention where fans will have the chance to meet notable guests like William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea, and more. Immerse yourself in the worlds of iconic franchises like X-Files, The Boys, Star Trek: Discovery, and Final Destination. Engage in a range of activities, from the X-Files 30th Anniversary Retrospective to a thrilling CCG Card Tournament and Dean Haglund’s Stand-Up Comedy at PhileFest.

Watch: Inside PhileFest

Dates 8–10 September 2023 Location Mall of America, Bloomington, Indiana, US
Prices $60–$4499 | Get tickets | More info on Philefest

Sci-Fi Day at the REME Museum

Lyneham UK, 9 September 2023

Get ready to meet a lineup of special celebrity guests, soon to be revealed! Dive into the captivating worlds of Star Wars, Time Bandits, Doctor Who, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as they come to life at the convention. Engage in vibrant cosplay, marvel at impressive prop displays, enjoy memorable photo ops, and explore a variety of trader stalls at Sci-Fi Day at the REME Museum.

Watch: REME Sci-Fi Day Invasion

Dates 9 September 2023 Location REME Museum, Lyneham, Chippenham, UK
Prices £15–£40 | Get tickets | More info on Sci-Fi Day at the REME Museum


Syosset NY US, 9 September 2023

Anticipate an exciting lineup of guests soon to be announced! Explore a diverse array of franchises as we bring their worlds to the convention. Engage in thrilling cosplay contests, put your knowledge to the test with exciting trivia sessions, dive into immersive gaming experiences, capture memorable photo-ops, and partake in enriching workshops at Sy-Con.

Watch: The Sy-Con Experience

Dates 9 September 2023 Location Syosset Public Library, Long Island, New York, US Price Free | More info on Sy-Con. 

Ancient City Con

St. Augustine US, 15–17 September 2023

Meet esteemed guests including Jeffrey Combs, Vanessa Branch, Gumball Watterson, Patrick Breen and more in our star-studded lineup. Immerse yourself in the realms of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Amazing World of Gumball, Galaxy Quest, and The Muppet Show as we celebrate their legacies. Engage in captivating panels, showcase your creativity in cosplay and lipsync contests, and dive into the world of tabletop gaming at Ancient City Con.

Watch: The Ancient City Con Experience

Dates 15–17 September 2023 Location World Golf Village, St. Augustine, Florida, US Prices $23-45 | Get tickets

Edmonton Expo

Edmonton Canada, 15–17 September 2023

Join us in the company of stars like Giancarlo Esposito, Christina Ricci, Naruto, Emily Swallow and more, along with iconic characters like Naruto and Emily Swallow. Immerse yourself in the universes of Mass Effect, Overwatch, Wednesday, Breaking Bad, Rocky, and Smallville. Enjoy engaging panels, strut your best cosplay on the red carpet, compete in lively cosplay contests, get up close with celebrities during photo ops and autograph sessions, participate in enlightening Q&A sessions, attend workshops, and explore the vibrant Artist Alley. A weekend of fandom festivities awaits at Edmonton Expo!

Watch: The Edmonton Expo Experience

Dates 15–17 September 2023 Location Edmonton Expo Centre, Canada
Prices $28–$119 | Get tickets


Irving US 15–17 September 2023

P-Con is the ultimate gathering for sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts who seek an unforgettable family reunion-like atmosphere. Meet Charles E. Gannon, Jane Lindskold, Jeff Greason, and others. Explore the diverse Dealers Room offering books, collectibles, cosplay supplies, and more. Dive into the Writer’s Gateway, a haven for authors to connect and share their craft. Embrace a weekend of camaraderie and creativity at this epic event at P-Con 2023.

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Dates 15–17 September 2023 Location The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Irving, Texas, US Prices $20–$65 | Get tickets


Cape Coral US, 16 September 2023

Get ready to meet Emcee Trolgar, Meggy Leigh, and more special guests yet to be revealed. Participate in activities such as Tea Duelling, Parasol & Cane Duelling, Costume Contests, and Hamster Wars. Enjoy live music by For Love or Money and explore the Voivode Market at SWFLSteamCon.

Watch: The SWFLSteamCon Experience 

Dates 16 September 2023 Location German American Social Club, Cape Coral, Florida, US Prices $10 at the door


Mobile US, 22–24 September 2023

Meet Genesis Rodriguez, Adam Gibbs, and Falco Grice from Attack on Titan, along with Shinra Kusakabe from Fire Force, and more. The convention features popular franchises like Umbrella Academy, Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, and Big Hero 6. Join in on thrilling tabletop games, immerse in DND adventures, strategize through miniatures games, participate in enlightening panels, and dive into informative guides and talks, all waiting for you at Mobicon 2023.

Watch: The Mobicon Experience

Dates 1–3 September 2023 Location Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel, Alabama, US Prices $12.50–$30 | Get tickets


Tampa US, 22–24 September 2023

Necronomicon is a long-standing convention that caters to fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. at Necronomicon 2023. Celebrated authors and creators like Elliot Kalan, Timothy Zahn (Star Wars), and more will grace the event. Dive into immersive worlds with panels and discussions. Engage in gaming, and workshops, and explore the captivating Art Show. Discover an array of vendors offering genre-themed merchandise. Participate in LARPs, cosplay contests, and fan cabaret performances. Test your knowledge in trivia contests and enjoy interactive sessions.

Watch: A Way-Back Necronomicon Feature

Dates 22–24 September 2023 Location Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa, Florida, US Prices $45–$60 at the door


Hot Springs US, 22–24 September 2023

Join notable attendees like Janeshia Adams-Ginyard and Annabeth Gish in the gathering. Explore franchises like American Gods, Black Panther, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Immerse yourself in the universe of your favorite shows with celebrity cars from Stranger Things and The Walking Dead. Engage in exciting activities including a Super Hero Parade, Spa-Con Showdown, cosplay, Galactic Empire Concert, makeup tutorials, and Q&A sessions with special guests at Spa-Con.

Watch: The Spa-Con Experience

Dates 22–24 September 2023 Location Hot Springs Convention Center, Arkansas, US Prices $20–$150 | Get tickets

Anno 1900

Niederkorn Luxembourg, 23–24 September 2023 

Experience the Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention in Luxembourg with its captivating mix of street entertainment, concerts, Victorian market, and steampunk creations exhibition. Immerse yourself in the ambience of historic steam trains and explore a diverse array of merchant offerings. Enjoy animations, live music, train rides, and an eclectic selection of steampunk items. Savour a range of delectable food and beverages, making for an unforgettable and immersive steampunk adventure. at Anno 1900.

Watch: The Anno 1900 Experience

Dates 23–24 September 2023 Location Fond-de-Gras, Niederkorn, Luxembourg
Prices Free

Southern Maine Steampunk Fair

Kennebunk US, 23 September 2023

Experience the allure of the 9th annual Southern Maine Steampunk Fair, a unique celebration of the fascinating Steampunk aesthetic. Join fellow enthusiasts, vendors, performers, and lecturers as they showcase their captivating creations and share their passion for this blend of Victorian steam-power and futuristic innovation. Immerse yourself in the essence of Steampunk with an array of activities, and don’t miss the highlight – the Costume Contest featuring diverse categories and an opportunity to shine creatively at the Southern Maine Steampunk Fair.

Watch: The Southern Maine Steampunk Fair Experience

Dates 23 September 2023 Location Brick Store Museum, Kennebunk, Maine, US
Prices $5 at the door

Pensacola Para Con

Pensacola US, 23–24 September 2023

Get ready for the ultimate pop culture extravaganza at the Pensacola Para Con, where sci-fi, anime, paranormal, horror, metaphysical, and pop culture collide. Meet celebrity guests like Chris Smith and Mike Goncalves from “Haunted Towns” and “Ghost Asylum,” bringing their unique paranormal insights. Explore a diverse array of vendors, interact with talented artists, dive into engaging panels, connect with metaphysical experts and psychic readers, and don’t forget to showcase your creativity in the thrilling Costume Contest at Pensacola Para Con 2023.

Watch: A way-Back Pensacola Para Con Video

Dates 23–24 September 2023 Location Pensacola Interstate Fair Grounds Expo Hall Prices $10–$100 | Get tickets


Collinsville US, 29 September – 1 October 2023

Join a gathering of imaginative minds at Archon 46, the Midwest’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention. Meet esteemed guests like Glynn Stewart and Timothy Chiasson, sharing their creative insights. Dive into a world of activities such as the Grand Masquerade, gaming, miniatures, and themed rooms. Unleash your inner artist at the Art Show & Auction, groove at the nightly dances, and engage in spirited competition at the Costume Contest and the open board game library at Archon 2023.

Watch: Inside Archon 

Dates 29 September–1 October 2023 Location Gateway Convention Center< Collinsville, Illinois, US Prices $35–$75 | Get tickets


Rockville US, 29 September – 1 October 2023

Capclave is a gathering of literary enthusiasts, offering a relaxed atmosphere to delve into the art of short fiction. Engage with esteemed Guests of Honor, authors, editors, and artists, who share their insights into the creation and enjoyment of short fantasy and science fiction genre stories. Explore discussions, readings, and a vibrant dealer’s room boasting books, artwork, crafts, and other genre-related items at Capclave.

Dates 29 September–1 October 2023 Location Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Center, Maryland, US Prices $55–$70 | Get tickets

Tiger Con

Valdosta US, 30 September – 1 October 2023 

Meet acclaimed guests like Richard Epcar, Tiffany Grant, and Ellyn Stern at this vibrant convention. Engage with your favourite franchises and immerse yourself in the world of anime and pop culture. Enjoy a Maid Cafe, thrilling Vocaloid Concert, lively Costume Contest, and Anime Music Video Contest. Indulge in gaming, autograph sessions, panels, and explore a treasure trove of merchandise at dealers and artists’ stalls at Tiger Con.

Watch: A Taste of Tiger Con

Dates 30 September–1 October 2023 Location Valdosta State University Student Union, Georgia, US Prices $15–$100 | Get tickets

Plus: Tempting Fantasy Conventions

Meet characters from Kingdom Hearts, Black Panther, The Mandalorian, Pokémon, Time Bandits, Wednesday and more at these awesome fantasy conventions in September.

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