Strange New Worlds: 11 Epic Fantasy Conventions in June

Dates, locations, times, tickets, prices, celebrities and who will be where at these exciting new fantasy conventions in June 2023

Meet Michael J Fox, Gimli, Samwise Gamgee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gal Gadot and “Thing” from Wednesday. Chill in a mountainside hot pool. Game all day. Cosplay, collect, trade and geek out with your favourite creators – from Sicily to Poland, Ontario to Philadelphia, Denver, Dallas to Oklahoma in the US and Nottingham in the UK – at these awesome fantasy conventions in June 2023.

Plus: A star-studded cast of hosts – including Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill + Chis Hemsworth at an exclusive new and totally FREE Netflix online fan event.

11 Unbelievable New Fantasy Conventions in June 2023 (Near You)

Etna Comics

Italy, 1–4 June 2023

Meet Krusty the Clown, the voice behind Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, One Piece and so many other 90s animation theme songs and some of the hottest cosplayers, artists and performers in Italy. Read, collect, RPG, video game, meet artists and creators, enjoy a show, cosplay and collect at Sicily’s Etna Comics.

Watch: The Etna Comics Experience

Dates 1–4 June 2023 Location Le Ciminiere, Catania, Italy
Prices €15–€50 | Get tickets

Fan Expo Philadelphia

Pennsylvania US, 2–4 June 2023

Meet Michael J Fox, Samwise Gamgee, Henry Winkler, the original Robocop, Grace Van Dien (Stranger Things) and so many more from Daredevil, Smallville, The Mandalorian and Harry Potter. Come game, cosplay, collect, anime and join in on the exclusive Back to the Future cast reunion experiences – with Biff, Christopher Lloyd, Marty and the Delorean at Fan Expo Philadelphia.

Watch: The Fan Expo Philadelphia Experience

Dates 2–4 June 2023 Location Philadelphia Convention Center, Pennsylvania, US
Prices $47–$99 | Get tickets

Fan Expo Dallas

Texas US, 9–11 June 2023

Come meet Chevy Chase, Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix), Rosario Dawson, Christina Ricci, Anakin Skywalker, Eddie from Stranger Things and many more from Cobra Kai, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Punisher and Star Wars. Then game all day, lightsaber battle, cosplay, collect, rewatch Clone Wars with the full cast and watch out – The Empire is rumoured to be invading this year’s Fan Expo Dallas

Watch: The Fan Expo Dallas Experience

Dates 9–11 June 2023 Location Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, US Prices $33–$105 | Get tickets 

EM-Con Nottingham

UK, 10–11 June 2023

Meet Gimli himself, BB-8, grumpy old Argus Filch, almost every Doctor Who ever, Constantine and many more from Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones, Batwoman, Arrow and Red Dwarf. Then come “test your might”, catch a ghost (but don’t cross the streams), get frozen in carbonite, help Johnny 5 stay alive, cosplay, game, collect and more at EM-Con Nottingham.

Watch: Fan-Made EM-Con Nottingham Experience

Dates 10–11 June 2023 Location Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham, UK
Prices £151–£215 | Get tickets


Poznań Poland, 16–18 June 2023

Meet “Thing” from Wednesday, Tom Wlaschiha (Stranger Things, Jack Ryan, Game of Thrones) and a host of Polish, Czech, French, Italian and more artists, filmmakers, writers, scientists, game masters, creators, musicians and professional geeks. Cosplay, dance, game, collect, play RPGs, build Lego and more at this year’s Pyrkon.

Watch: The Pyrkon Experience

Dates 16–18 June 2023 Location Poznań International Fair, Poland
Prices PLN 169–399 | Get tickets

Netflix: Tudum

Global Online, 17 June 2023

See Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Zack Snyder and so many more for free and live from Brazil at Netflix’s online event Tudum. Including special features on Stranger Things, Squid Game, Bridgerton and Wednesday. Watch at YouTube/Netflix.

Watch: Netflix Tudum Preview

Date 17 June 2023 Location Global, Online, Free
Time 1:30pm PT / 4:30pm ET / 5:30pm BRT | Watch here


Ontario Canada, 17–18 June 2023

And for something a little different… YetiCon is unlike most other Cons in that it’s mainly a Cosplay and Market spectacular. There’s no big programme, instead, you’re in a beautiful mountain resort with pools, party rooms, a communal village, the option to rent a house with friends and loads to do indoors, outdoors, whatever – you choose what you want to do and when as if you’re on a fantasy holiday; the whole place is full of like-minded genre fans just chilling and vibing at YetiCon.

Watch: The YetiCon Experience

Dates 17–18 June 2023 Location Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre, Ontario, Canada Prices $24–$44 | Get tickets


Minnesota US, 22–25 June 2023

Another very unique event! Narrativity is a Con exclusively about the art and craft of writing. Mainly sci-fi and fantasy, but open to all interpretations. It’s a collective of writers getting together to have interesting panel discussions about story structure, intent and styles, as well as writing workshops, peer reviews and all things story at Narrativity.

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Dates 22–25 June 2023 Location Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West, Plymouth, Minnesota, US Price $75 | Get tickets


Maine US, 22–25 June 2023

Meet Seanan McGuire, the video game voice of Clifford the Big Red Dog, the storyteller behind many new Transformers and Godzilla animated series and more. Cosplay, role play, collect and game at PortConMaine.

Watch: PortConMaine Fan Vlog

Dates 22–25 June 2023 Location DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland, Maine, US Prices $25–$50 | Get tickets

Fan Expo Denver

Colorado US, 30 June–3 Jul 2023

Come meet Danny Trejo, the Star Trek Generations/Picard team, Giancarlo Esposito, Sam Raimi, Neve Campbell and more from Star Wars, Back to the Future, Stranger Things and Harry Potter. Game, RPG, cosplay, lightsaber battle, collect, share and join an after-party at Fan Expo Denver.

Watch: The Fan Expo Denver Experience

Dates 30 June–3 Jul 2023 Location Colorado Convention Center, Denver, US Prices $48–$99 | Get tickets


Oklahoma US, 30 June–3 Jul 2023

Meet John Scalzi the voices of Salvador in Borderlands, Futurama’s Fry and Dr Zoidberg, Space Jam’s Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fud and so many more. Tabletop RPG, video game, cosplay all day, Learn to paint and collect awesome rarities at Soonercon.

Watch: Soonercon Featurette

Dates 30 June–3 Jul 2023 Location Hilton Norman Hotel & Conference Center, Oklahoma, US Price $79 | Get tickets

Note: I try my best to get every bit of info I can about these Fantasy conventions in June, and will keep updating this page all the time. If you know of a book, author, show, channel or event that should be on this list, let me know at and I’ll make it happen.

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