8 of The Best New Fantasy Series in April

Watch: All-new Schmigadoon!, Sweet Tooth and Star Wars for kids – these are the most anticipated new fantasy series in April 2023

New realms, toothy vampires and when hybrids change the world. Plus 5 more new sci-fi series in April 2023 – streaming on Netflix, Paramount+, Disney+ and AppleTV. And 3 recent fantasy TV shows with new episodes still streaming in April, too.

Upcoming New Fantasy Series in April 2023

Schmigadoon! Season 2

Apple TV Plus, 5 April 2023

Having found love in Season 1, the real world feels a bit joyless compared to the musical magic of Schmigadoon, so Josh and Melissa try to get back. But something goes wrong and they end up in Schmicago instead – a reimagined world of ’60s and ’70s musicals. And it’s not long before they find themselves in serious, even legal, trouble in Schmigadoon! Season 2.

Watch: The Schmigadoon! Season 2 Trailer

Genres Comedy, Musical
Streaming Apple TV Plus | Watch it


Paramount Plus, 11 April 2023

In near-future Asia (2032), a grieving widower’s life is upended/saved when he gets an invite from his deceased wife to a special space where the dead can live again, created by compiling and uploading the memories of their life. It’s moving and enchanting but also raises questions about where humanity is going as our technology advances into bold new places in Yonder.

Watch: The Yonder Trailer (English Subs)


Genres Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Drama
Streaming Paramount Plus | Watch it


Netflix, 13 April 2023

Something scary? The Indonesian film Qorin starts off with an ominous fantasy tone – a group of girls perform a ritual. Then it goes full-blown horror as it summons their doppelgängers. Watch it on Netflix if you dare. 

Watch: The Qorin Trailer

Genres Fantasy, Horror, Indonesian, Ominous
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Tooth Pari: When Love Bites

Netflix, 20 April 2023

And for something a little quirkier, the Netflix India production Tooth Pari: When Love Bites (loosely means tooth repair in Hindi) is set for a global release on 20 April. Sparks fly when a rebellious young vampire goes to a boy-next-door-type human dentist to have her broken fangs fixed. But, there are a lot of machinations in both the human and vampire world on the streets of Kolkata that threaten to tear them apart in Tooth Pari: When Love Bites

Watch: The Tooth Pari Trailer

Genres Fantasy, Romantic, Urban Fantasy, Hindi, Thriller
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Mrs Davis

Peacock, 20 April 2023

One of the month’s most anticipated sci-fi series, Mrs Davis is an AI. And Simone is the nun who is hell-bent on destroying her. It? Staring Betty Gilpin and produced by Big Bang Theory creator Tara Hernandez and Watcmen’s Damon Lindelof, it looks bananas and we should probably prepare for a crazy ride in Mrs Davis.

Watch: The Mrs Davis Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Action, Drama
Streaming Peacock | Watch it

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures

Disney Plus, 26 April 2023

And something for the family! Yes, Disney is releasing a children’s educational TV Young Jedi series, it’s CGI and maybe cringy for old-hat fanboys but super cool for babies and toddlers – wouldn’t you rather have them watch this? Check out the all-new Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures.

Watch: a Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Short

Genres Children’s TV, Educational, Science Fiction
Streaming Disney Plus | Watch it

Sweet Tooth Season 2

Netflix, 27 April 2023

Possibly the most anticipated entry on this list, we join Gus, Big Man and a new gang of friends in Sweet Tooth Season 2 on 27 April. Gus, held captive with the hybrids and Dr Singh by General Abbot’s Last Men, agrees to explore his mother’s dark past. But a new wave of The Sick sweeps across the world and pressure mounts to just destroy the hybrids. Luckily, they’re not alone as “Zoo Mama” Aimee and Tommy “Big Man” Jepperd team up to find out where Abbot is holding the hybrids and concoct a daring plan to rescue the kids in Sweet Tooth Season 2.

Watch: The Sweet Tooth Season 2 Trailer

Genres Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic
Streaming Netflix | Watch it 

Hope to See Soon

Frog and Toad

Apple TV, 28 April 2023 (TBC)

Apple TV is meant to unveil its rendition of the classic Arnold Lobel children’s books Frog and Toad on 28 April. But there’s no information from Apple yet, no trailer and the show page only says “on a later date”. So we hope to see it soon, but unsure if it’ll be in April after all.

Genres Kids, Family, Animation
Streaming Apple TV | More info

Plus: Still Streaming: New Episodes of Fantasy Series in April 2023

More New Episodes Of The Mandalorian Season 3

In this season Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian aka “Din Djarin” is in fact reunited with Grogu, aka “Baby Yoda”. (The Book of Boba Fett fans will already know that.) Din and Grogu are set for the Mandalorian home planet, Mandalore, so Din can atone for removing his helmet. It’s exciting because Jon Favreau was again very active this season, penning at least 5 out of the 8 episodes of The Mandalorian Season 3.

Genres Star Wars, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Streaming Disney+ | Watch it

More New Episodes of Riverdale Season 7

The final season in the modern-day, horror-mystery rendition of the Archie universe lands on 29 March 2023. And, as the end of Season 6 made clear, a spell has taken the entire town and all its residents back to the 1950s. Which is kinda more like the Archie comics we know and love. And everyone seems to have forgotten and is happily living out their 1950s lifestyle. Except for Jughead, who seems to be the only one who remembers that they don’t really belong here. In Riverdale Season 7.

Genres Drama, Mystery, Comics, Time Travel
Streaming The CW | Watch it

More New Episodes of School Spirits

When a teen dies and gets stuck in the afterlife at her school – of all places – she struggles to get to grips with being able to see the living kids’ lives play out, without being able to interact. Thing is, she’s not alone, there are others who suffer the same fate in Paramount+’s new show School Spirits.

Genres Young Adult, Drama, Paranormal
 Paramount+ | Watch it

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