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Explore Exciting New Worlds at the Next Xadune LARP

About Xadune Victorian Gaslamp fantasy LARP, upcoming LARPing event dates, costs, tickets, the LARP world and setting at Xadune in Georgia

Demon hunters, battle mages, lizardfolk and orcs in renaissance. Xadune LARP is a fantastic exploration of a multiverse-connected planet recovering from turmoil, with 17 different races and 26 power-granting religions in a Victorian Gaslamp-era setting.

Choose your race, back story and skills – and bring a friend to get big XP bonuses!

About Xadune LARP

Known as the way station of the multiverse, Xadune is a planet largely rebuilt from the ashes of a dark “apocalypse” that saw it locked out of the multiverse for many years when it lost its third sun. Severing the planet’s diverse races and cultures from their deities as the world itself was often violently reshaped. But that was a century ago. And most cultures and cities have now recovered, albeit only up to early Renaissance period levels.

Xadune features everything from humanoids and elves to felines, lizardfolk, halflings, celestials, demon-kin and more. So there’s a lot of awesomeness to explore.

Watch: The Xadune LARP Experience

Creating a Character For Xadune

Being a very unique LARP – Victorian Gaslamp, so cool – Planet Xadune has a unique history, lore and setting, with specialised races (that often require special make-up and even prosthetics) and religions that give your character unique powers.

And then there are over 450 skills to acquire – although often with specific XP requirements and depending on the type of character you want to build. Find all the info and submit your character here.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s around $75 for a full 3-day event as a player, which includes parking and a guaranteed bed. And you have the option of adding a donation for an XP bonus and starting a tavern tab before the event (otherwise meals are pay-as-you-go), check out the menu options here.

But if you’re looking for a sweet deal, bring a friend. Xadune has a special ticket for you and a new player that’s only $70, which gives both you and your friend bonus XP worth like $45 – check it out here.

Xadune LARP Tickets

You can purchase tickets via the dedicated shop page or for individual LARP events via their website. There are also annual passes available. but it’s advisable to inform the organisers beforehand because there are some rules & policies, pre-and post-game reports and such to take note of. There’s also a Facebook Group to join and engage with players and community members.

List of Xadune LARP Events

17-19 May 2024 Camp Daniel Morgan, Hard Labor Creek State Park
5-7 July 2024 Camp Daniel Morgan, Hard Labor Creek State Park
16-18 August 2024 Camp Rutledge, Hard Labor Creek State Park
4-6 October 2024 Camp Daniel Morgan, Hard Labor Creek State Park
8-10 November 2024 Camp Stephens, A. H. Stephens State Park
13-15 December 2024 Camp Camp MacIntosh, Indian Springs State Park

Xadune LARP Locations & Contacts

Normally takes place at Camp Daniel Morgan or Camp Rutledge within Hard Labor Creek State Park, the Group Camp at AH Stevens State Park or Camp MacIntosh, Indian Springs State Park, US. Always check in with the community about locations, times etc.


What is LARPing?

A LARP is a “Live-Action Role-Play” game, which is kinda like a normal RPG (Role-Playing Game) but played out in real life – you actually go camping, dress up, have battles, make decisions and advance through a story like D&D in live action. Check out the full exploration of LARPing meaning.

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There’s a bit to explore already, and more coming soon. Enjoy! 

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