8 Things Happening in Sci-Fi this Week

News in sci-fi this week: 6 New books, a science fiction convention and a brand-new series in the latest in Sci-Fi news

Alien invaders, strange pirates and Dragon Con. These are some of the most exciting things happening in sci-fi this week: 27 August–2 September 2023. From new books from Karen Lord to Derek Künsken and Tao Wong to new series and a super-special convention in Georgia.

Sci-Fi News: 8 Things Happening in Sci-Fi this Week

Sci-Fi Tuesday 29 August

The Blue, Beautiful World

Karen Lord, 29 August 2023 

As the world undergoes profound changes due to climate crisis, humanity becomes the focus of alien civilizations observing Earth. Visionaries like Peter Hendrix, Charyssa, and Kanoa strive to prepare mankind for first contact. Among them is Owen, a pop megastar with an extraordinary ability to connect with people. But as his power becomes uncontrollable, the question arises: Will Owen’s unique gift lead to liberation or result in a terrifying dictatorship? We find out in Karen Lord’s The Blue, Beautiful World.

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Genres Science Fiction, Space Opera
Author Karen Lord Home Barbados, West Indies
Publisher Del Rey Buy it e-Book | Print | Audio

Guardian Of Torment

Michelle Manus, 29 August 2023

This book concludes the Nyx Fortuna four-part series. After dismantling the magic blocking her memories, Nyx finds her mind fractured, slipping through different points in her past. Just as she uncovers a lead on the Kumir assassins, her unstable mental state hinders her from joining her friends on a crucial mission. When a memory malfunction and portal magic mishap occur, Nyx is trapped in an alien metropolis, fighting for survival with her erratic memory as her only guide in Michelle Manus’s Guardian of Torment.

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Genres Fantasy, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Author Michelle Manus Home Tempe, Arizona, US
Publisher Variant Publications Buy it e-Book

The House Of Saints 

Derek Künsken, 29 August 2023

Book 2 in Derek Künsken’s Venus Ascendant series. The House of Saints sees George-Étienne and his children forming The House of Styx to protect the mysterious artefact they’d found on Venus. Protect it from every power-hungry bank, government and organisation on old Earth, as much as from the murderous planet itself in Derek Künsken’s The House of Saints.

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Genres Science Fiction, Space Opera
Author Derek Künsken Home Québec, Canada
Publisher Solaris | Buy it

Sci-Fi Thursday 31 August

The Landing

Mary Gentle, 31 August 2023

Aeris Warren-Finch, NASA’s Acting Director, finds herself stranded within an alien dome after multiple unidentified objects change trajectory and land across the planet. With the company of her great-grandmother, an imam, the President, and a bodyguard, they embark on a search for safety and a way back home. As they navigate unfamiliar landscapes, they face dwindling resources and the challenge of determining the correct path amidst the strange and ever-changing geographies in Mary Gentle’s The Landing.

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Genres Science Fiction, Fantasy
Author Mary Gentle Home Barbados, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Publisher Gollancz Buy it e-Book

One Piece (Live-Action)

Netflix, 31 August 2023

One of the longest-running animations ever makes the voyage into live-action. Set in a world of fantasy and high-seas excitement, the series centres around bands of pirates hunting for the legendary treasure of the Pirate King. The young Monkey D. Luffy, a strange boy with the power of stretching limbs, sets off for this quest with an unlikely ship crew. Based on both the long-running manga and anime series, this pirate adventure stars Iñaki Godoy, Mackenyu, and Emily Rudd, bring to life the legend of One Piece.

Watch: One Piece Trailer

Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy
Streaming Netflix | Watch it

Dragon Con

Atlanta, Georgia, US, 31 August–4 September 2023

Meet the many geek icons like Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack, Futurama), Maurice LaMarche (Pinky & The Brain), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings), Adam Savage (Mythbusters), George Takei (Star Trek), Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who), Garrett Wang (Star Trek: Voyager), and so many other talented people. Enjoy the abundance of insightful panels as well as the allure of the art gallery. Browse the best geeky finds in the dealer’s room and take part in the joyous parade of cosplayers. For those who enjoy big cons with plenty of people to meet and so much to do, you won’t want to miss Dragon Con.

Watch: Dragon Con Experience

Dates 31 August–4 September 2023 Location Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Georgia, US Prices $175–$4500 | Get tickets

Sci-Fi Friday 1 September

Wolf In The Void

Tom Elliot, 1 September 2023

Book five in the six-part series; The Grande Game. Michael, once a lone player in the shadows of the Game, has now stepped into the forefront, setting himself on a collision course with the formidable Powers. But adversaries abound, some confronting him openly, others lurking in the wings. As House Wolf’s destiny hangs in the balance, Michael navigates a treacherous dance between power and secrecy, aiming to evade the Powers’ wrath while protecting his aspirations in Wolf in the Void.

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Genres Fantasy, LitRPG, Werewolf
Author Tom Elliot
Publisher Blooming Bull Buy it e-Book

The Third Cut

Tao Wong, 1 September 2023

The Third Cut is the ninth instalment in the xianxia cultivation series, A Thousand Li. Wu Ying embarks on a perilous quest to uncover the source of corruption emanating from the southern kingdom of Nanyue. Within this corruption, spirit stones have been tainted with twisted daos, threatening to engulf the world. Guided by the wind of heaven, Wu Ying journeys through the enigmatic kingdom, facing formidable daos and grave dangers. With the support of both familiar and newfound companions, he strives to halt the corruption’s advance before it becomes irreversible in The Third Cut.

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Genres Fantasy, LitRPG, Asian Myth & Legend
Author Tao Wong Home Toronto, Canada
Publisher Starlit Publishing Buy it e-Book | Print | Audio

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