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Barrow of Winter Release – HM Long’s New Epic Fantasy is Out on This Day

About the book and where to buy it – here’s everything you need to know about the epic fantasy Barrow of Winter release date

The last Daughter of Winter. An endless night. And a quest to save her homeland, See HM Long’s brand-new epic, adult high fantasy book, Barrow of Winter release date, about the book, where to buy it and what people have said about it.

Barrow of Winter Release Date: Publication

The official publication and release date for HM Long’s anticipated Barrow of Winter is 17 January 2023

One year after its predecessor – almost to the day! – HM Long brings us the next exciting instalment in the Hall of Smoke series: Barrow of Winter.

About the Book

Barrow of Winter tells the story of Thray, the last Daughter of Winter, who returns from her new home in the south to her ancestral homeland of Duamel in the frozen northern lands. Only to find everything in chaos.

An endless winter night cloaks the land, giving rise to strange beasts, terrible storms and a growing, desperate hunger. And the people teeter on the edge of desperate violence, as Thray’s demi-god siblings (who’re meant to be ruling the land), stand by in apathy.

Thray will have to face monsters, assassins and all manner of dangers in this frozen wasteland, before the malady spreads to her new homeland in the south, come the spring.

See it among the most anticipated fantasy books in January.

Barrow of winter, hm long, fantasy, book, new, epic, about, where to buy, release date, what people have said, where to get it, january, 2023, hall of smoke

Genre Fantasy, Mythology, Adult, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Magic, Adventure
Author HM Long | Home Ontario, Canada
Publisher Titan | Buy it

Where to Buy It

All of the Hall of Smoke series, including Barrow of Winter is available from your books shop. Or just order it on Amazon here.

What people have said about Barrow of Winter

“What a book! I just absolutely loved it. I’ve read a lot of low fantasy recently and so I really enjoyed reading something a little more high fantasy again.”
– Shauna Lawless

“A world so vividly rendered you’ll feel the ice on the pages”
– Richard Swan

“H. M. Long has done it again! Barrow of Winter is possibly even more captivating and transportive than the gorgeous first two installments in the Hall of Smoke series.”
– M.J. Kuhn

“I’m so excited to read this! The title has completely captured my imagination <3”
– Hermit Frog

“In the beginning I did not like Thray, because she was making bad decisions I couldn’t quite understand, but by the end I loved everything about her and her journey.”
– Ellie

About the author, HM Long

A history buff who loves hiking near and far from her cabin somewhere near Ontario. Long loves exploring the world – most frequently Europe and especially Switzerland. Writing for Titan books, long has published the Hall of Smoke series as well as The Dark Water Daughter, book 1 of The Winter Sea series.

Follow HM Long on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

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